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History of The Cool

For the past several years, our organization has built a brand on empowering scores of children, parents, volunteers, and community members. Supporters of AOCP, not only understand and value the importance of community engagement and financial capability but have gone on to demonstrate these principles through creating small businesses of their own, helping to further extend the reach of our non-profit. The Art of Cool Project is known for setting a standard of how to build a small business from the ground up and how with hard work, humble beginning can lead to national and international recognition and positive creative impact.

AOCP is more than just another non-profit, as our partnerships with universities and community based music presenting organizations such as Duke Performances (Duke University), Carolina Performances (UNC Tarheels), and North Carolina Central University, demonstrate just a snap shot of out ability to be inclusive and appealing to a wider demographic than most organizations of our type. We consider our brand niche and not just tied to "jazz music" presentations, rather experiences that cater to meeting people where their musical taste are most readily peaked and where art, education, and entertainment all intersect.

The Art of Cool Festival 2013 - 2018

In 2014 we created The Art of Cool Festivalone of the first to cover multiple venues in a 3-mile radius. The Art of Cool Festival's initial concept focused on the emerging grassroots talent that was gaining traction during the season. The goal was to create exposure for emerging talent while incorporating important conversations that socially impact certain communities via the Innovate Your Cool Conference. During our 5 years of owning the festival, we presented acts like Common, Anderson .Paak, Anna Wise, The legendary George Clinton and many more.


In 2018 we sold the large scale Art of Cool Festival to The Dome Group of Durham, NC to focus on developing more programs and our annual camps. We continue to present musical performances via The Art of Cool Project & Conference and our music series Genre: with the same formula that supported the early version of the festival. In 2019 the Art of Cool Project & Conference was set for Los Angeles expanding the yearly programming of the organization.


The Art of Cool Project currently programs Los Angeles, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, D.C., Hawaii, and Dubai.

The AOCP has been described as “a strong addition to Durham’s bubbling music and art community.” (Eric Tullis – The Vinyl District, Chapel Hill, NC) In the summer of 2012 Art of Cool completed Startup Stampede 3.0 and became the first nonprofit to complete Startup Stampede. This is a big achievement that is sponsored by the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Durham Inc., We are the winners of the Pitch Challenge sponsored by Pruvop. We pitched for our Festival idea.

The AOCP has been described as “a ripe Triangle jazz advocacy organization…curating snazzy nightlife options for area listeners.” (Eric Tullis - IndyWeek.com). The AOCP has featured the area’s best local talent and regional talent.


The Art of Cool Project (AOCP) is a 501(c)(3) music presenting non-profit organization that strives to cross artistic, economic and social boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of people, cultures, experiences, and creativity. The mission of AOCP is to present, promote and preserve jazz-and other influential musical genres in ways that build and uplift the community. The goal is to expand the audience for all-influential music especially those involving true musicianship.

The Art of Cool’s

Core Values:

  1. To offer influential jazz education nationally
  2. To build a culture excited about jazz, education and innovative thought
  3. To expand the overall jazz audience
  4. To educate young musicians
  5. To inspire others through music, entrepreneurship, and culture
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Donating to The Art of Cool Project creates numerous opportunities for aspiring student musicians. These opportunities help develop young musicians by introducing keys educational elements at young ages. Show your support for The Cool by donating today!

Our Start of Cool jazz camp inspires the next generation of jazz musicians and listeners through private lessons, jam sessions, improvisation classes and interactions with professional musicians.

While Innovate Your Cool sparks the creativity of the next generation of innovators through STEAM based workshops, open discussions and hands-on demos covering all things Music, Innovation and Culture.

Your continued support enables the AOCP team to continue to provide world-class instructional opportunities and interactions to the community free of charge.


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