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The Art of Cool Project (AOCP) is a 501(c)(3) jazz presenting non-profit organization that strives to cross artistic, economic and social boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of people, cultures, experiences and creativity. The mission of AOCP is to present, promote and preserve jazz-influenced music in ways that build and uplift the community. The goal is to expand the audience for jazz-influenced music.


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Innovate Your Cool (IYC) Conference celebrates the power of cool ideas and its impact on Innovation, Music and Culture.

In 2015 AOCP launched the first annual Innovate Your Cool Conference with the hopes of leveraging popular culture and STEAM based curriculum to expose traditionally disengaged communities to the opportunities that exist within entrepreneurship and technology.

This free conference is held at American Underground in Downtown Durham, NC during AOCFEST. Since its inception IYC has introduced over 2,500 conference attendees to thought leaders and innovators in music, venture capital and entrepreneurship.

The conference program will pack inspiration, innovation and fun into Friday + Saturday, September 28- 29, 2018.

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StArt of Cool (SOC) is a jazz education program that launched June 23, 2014 to provide hands on instruction for students interested in learning more about the performance and fundamentals of jazz music. To date the Start of Cool program has trained over 150 young people in the basic elements of jazz music.

The following activities are available through the SOC program: The Camp, The Ensemble and The Academy.

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Our Start of Cool jazz camp inspires the next generation of jazz musicians and listeners through private lessons, jam sessions, improvisation classes and interactions with professional musicians.

While Innovate Your Cool sparks the creativity of the next generation of innovators through STEAM based workshops, open discussions and hands on demos covering all things Music, Innovation and Culture.

Your continued support enables the AOCP team to continue to provide world class instructional opportunities and interactions to our community free of charge.